Documentary | 6 min 30 sec | Language Korean | Subtitles English

Director: Donggi Kim & Seong Eun Kim | Producer: Donggi Kim & Seong Eun Kim | Assistant Director: Ji Hye Yoo | Executive Producers: Youngin Jung & Aqeela Carr | Edit: Donggi Kim & Seong Eun Kim |

Music. The Dreamers AKA “treeline at night” by A.Taylor & Precious by Minipop

Cast: Brendon Smith, Sujeong Im, Dan Mitch, Donggi Kim, Ian McCosh, Sungyong Ko, Sang Jin Lee, Son Young Ik

The Winter Surf” is a film shot in South Korea in winter, 2014. It is directed, filmed and edited by a few dedicated surfers. This film’s vision is to showcase surfing in Korea.

The Winter Surf includes two parts.

The first part captures the beauty of winter surf in Korea. The second part shows how fun winter surf can be, especially to those who have never surfed in cold conditions.