Registration and submission


Registration starts on 1st of November 2018

All the movies must be registered (not submitted!) until 1th of March, 2019.

To register, please fill out the form and pay the registration fee.


Registration fee: ….to be confirmed

There are two ways to pay the fee:

1. MobilePay …. to be confirmed

2. Bank transfer: …. to be confirmed

!!!!!!! In both cases please remember to write: “title of the movie” and your full name.


– All the movies must be submitted by 1st of April, 2019

– You will receive an intro and an outro from us (2nd of March) , which you will have to attach to your movie, before submitting it.

– There are 3 ways to submit your movie:
1. Pop by Ørhagevej 84 eller Vinkelsti 33, Klitmøller with the movie on usb-stick

2. Send it by to

3. Upload it on vimeo as a private movie, only shared with us, and with the settings so we can download it