Documentary | 21 min 30 min | Language English | Subtitles None

Director: Philipp Sigmund / Finn Springborn | Producer: Philipp Sigmund | Writer: Philipp Sigmund / Finn Springborn | Cinematographer: Philipp Sigmund | Editor: Sören Frank / Philipp von Jagow / Philipp Sigmund

Cast: Finn Springborn / Jonas Bronnert / Love Berggren

Filmmaker Philipp Sigmund and Surfer Finn Springborn have spent a lot of time over the course of a decade of friendship roaming different coastlines around the world in search of waves and good times. Mostly throughout the Winter months, when there is no shortage of swell in the northern Hemisphere. Their latest film Re/discover features the regions that have brought them the most joy and some of their biggest adventures over the years. They embark on a journey from their home in northern Germany to travel the Danish North sea coast, set over to southern Norway and end their mission together with Jonas Bronnert in the Scottish Highlands, which offer world class waves for those who brave the cold, the harsh weather and the rough environment.