Our Team

Alicja Cupial– Founder and Festival Director

Alicja is one the 2 founders of the CHSFF, who came up with the idea back in 2014. She has a big drive to design and deliver events and social activities. Alicja has a master degree in Sport Management and Bachelor degree in Event Management, and she’s been working with different sports, culture and business events for many years. 

Alicja lives in Klitmøller in an old fishermans house. When she has a chance, she goes surfing, or crosses the North Sea for some snowboard sessions in Norway.

Maritte Nicole Tønnes Sørensen– Head of Programming

Maritte joined us in 2019 and some of her tasks are: coordination of the movie submissions; communication with the competition participants; general assistance for the festival director. Her professional skills, experience and the super sweet and positive attitude have had a great impact on the festival and its development. 

Maritte moved to Klitmøller in May 2019 after living 10 years in Sweden. She holds an MA in Film and Media Production from the University of Lund. She has since 2012, been involved in several film festivals in the south of Sweden, with her home base at Lund Fantastic Film Festival, where she took over as Festival Director in 2018. Furthermore she works as a pitch producer and projects manager at M:brane – a pitching forum in Malmö.

Morten Duus– Co-Founder and Technical Coordinator

Morten is one of the two founders of the festival. His energy, creativity and technical skills has been with the festival since 2014 and we wouldn’t be able to do this without him. 

Morten lives in Klitmøller, where teaches at the local school math and music. In his freetime you will see him on the water on his longboard or out in the forest on his MTB. 

Linnea Fonfara– SoMe & International Press 

Linnea is our new team member, who joined the crew in 2022. She’s a storyteller and copywriter. Linnea is in charge of the festival’s social media and international press. 

She grew up on the coasts of Cold Hawaii and after 15 years of big city life she returned to Thy in 2019. Her big passion for Thy and nature, together with all the professional skills, bring a great value both to the festival but also to the team behind it.

Christian Kjeldsen– Danish Press

Christian works with our communications and he has been with us from the very beginning.  

He’s a journalist and has worked in 21 countries on four continents for the past 40 years. He loves movies, Klitmøller and his dog Ruchi, who follows him everywhere. Also to Cold Hawaii Surf & Film Festival.

He can’t stand on a surfboard, but instead he spends some of his free time coaching young surfing talents in media management. 

Foto : Jesper Rais

Kirstine Korsgaard Steffensen– Volunteer Coordinator

Kirstine is a passionate surfer and in the last year she worked as a co-coordinator and teacher at the HF Cold Hawaii.

Her strength, personality and skills make her an amazing Volunteer Coordinator at the Cold Hawaii Surf & Film Festival. She’s been with us almost from the start and we can’t be more happy to have Kirstine on the team. 

Oh yeah, and she’s a real disco-queen.

Frederik-Wilhelm Lyng Steinfath– The Host

Freddy- Klitmøller’s, maybe Thy’s, most beautiful mullet. He’s our host and residential hype man. Frederik says that he ”loves the limelight but also a lime in his mojito. He sees in colors but French noir is kinda cool too. Dogs only see French noir.” Freddy joined our team in 2021, and this year, once again, he will be guiding you through selected events during this year’s festival. If you can’t wait to meet the man you can listen to his podcast, Værtens Navle.