Drama / Fiction | 105 min | Language Korean | Subtitles English

Director:  LEE Hyeon-seung | Producer:  LEE Hyeon-seung /  LEE Hye-yeong | Cinematography: Park Jung-hyun | Edit: Choi Jae Geun (M&FC) | Lighting: Kim wook | Sound Recording: Go Yeong-chun | Sound Superviser: Kim Bong-soo (M&FC) |  Music Superviser: Jo Sung-woo

Cast: JUN Hye-bin / OH Kwang-rok / PARK Hosan / JUNG Tae-woo / Kim min-jun / KIM Vi-ju / HA Dong-woo / Hwang Pyeong-gwon / Alex Jung

Jukdo is the name of a town and beach on the northeastern coast of Korea, which has become a favorite destination for country’s surfers coming to the small town. Among them is Soo-jung, who camps out on Jukdo Beach, and Jung-yong who returns to the area after some time away. Before long the pair meet, Jukdo gets sick and tired of the heat and as the summer winds down, people prepare to leave the town as well as the local surfer Vi-ju…