Judging system

All films will be judged with 4 criteria/principles in mind:
1. Storyline and entertainment
2. The level of surfing
3. Editing and technical quality of the final film
4. Spectator’s choice (measured at the finals)

There are different judges for each criteria. All of the judges have a professional background connected to each criteria. In previous years we have cooperated with:

  • CPH Live- Livestream production
  • ISA- certified surf judges
  • Aske Bang- Oscar-nominated film director
  • Professionals withing Communication

If there are 10 or more movies delievered for the competition, there will be 2 finals; Final A and Final B.
6 movies with the best scores ( accumulated from judges of first 3 criterias) will move automatically to the Final A on Saturday evening ( May 5). The rest of the movies will be shown in the Final B, which will take place on Friday evening (May 4). During the Final B, we will add points for the “Spectator’s choice”* to the current scores, and 2 movies with the highest scores will move to the Final A on Saturday. That means that there will be 8 movies in the big final, where the winners will be chosen after the movie showings.

* the “spectator’s choice” is measured by the sound level of the applaus after each movie