Director: Angelina Owino | Producer: Angelina Owino | Writer: Angelina Owino | Cinematographer: Angelina Owino, Allan Skou Sørensen, Emily Kaa, Stinne Søndergaard, Jesper Louis Bendiksen | Editor: Angelina Owino | Key Cast: Angelina Owino, Stinne Søndergaard, Peter Søndergaard, Ida Odgaard Jacobsen

Genre: Documentary | Runtime: 8 min 16 sec

Few people have a passion for things they are bad at, but Angelina Owino is one of those people. Time after time she gets knocked off the board, while trying to master the surfboard in the Cold Hawaii surfing community in Denmark. She has been trying for years, but she is still not good at it. Maybe one day she will find what the passion is really about.