Director: Alice Ward | Producer: Mairead Collins | Cinematography: Alice Ward | Editor: Alice Ward | Animation: Alice Maher | Music: Jessie Solange Whitehead, The Hunter

Genre: Action sports, surf, art | Runtime: 12 min 55 sec

Ebb & Flow features the experiences of three fearless females and their love for surfing the waters off the west coast of Ireland. Filmed throughout 2019 Alice captures the mystical relationship these women have with the power and magnitude of the Atlantic Ocean’s surf. She illustrates the grace and grit they bring to the sport from an insightfully artistic perspective.

Ebb and Flow is a female led production which not only features the inspiring surf community on the west coast, but also shines a spotlight on its creative community.

Collaborating with renowned contemporary artist Alice Maher, Ebb and Flow through animation brings the Irish Folklore tales of Selkies, Queen Meadbh and the pirate queen Grainne Mhaol to life on the screen thereby adding further depth and dimension to the work.

For the films sometimes haunting soundtrack Alice worked with the talented Sligo based musicians Jessie Solange Whitehead and local band The Hunter