Director: Andrea Hausstätter | Producer: Bettina Kohl | Writer: Andrea Hausstätter | Cinematographer: Kim Schiedeck | Editor: Leopold Fischer | Sound Mix: CSC Studios | Key Cast: Bettina Kohl, Frank Otto, Mojib Latif, Casper Steinfath, Fional Wylde, Sonni Hönscheid, André Wiersig, Brad Robertson, Kris Primacio, Hayden Rhodes,

Genre: Documentary | Runtime: 1h 26 min

“Betty Would Go – Ride Waves -Surf Life- Save the Ocean”, shows that passion can overcome limits – even when things are really tough.

“Betty would go -” encourages everybody to live their dreams and shows all ups and downs. And furthermore, include other stories of inspirational people.

There was a time when Bettina lost her dreams. The wave of life took her up and down. Totally passionate for windsurfing and Stand Up paddling, she was also trapped in a depression. But giving up was not an option. In November 2018 she had the chance of a lifetime to participate at the Stand Up Paddling (SUP) World Championships in China. Living “landlocked” in Hamburg / Germany, being tiny, an amateur and over 50 – impossible? No – it is never too late to live your dream. But Betty experienced an extreme emotional rollercoaster on all levels of her life: Her mother took her own life, just after she qualified for the World Cup. Giving up was out of the question for her. And she wanted to use the strong challenge to create something new and meaningful! She dreamt big, felt deep, climbed up and used the challenging energy to propel it into something better.

With her story and the story of other people who overcame hardship, the film will give everybody a great inspiration on how we can use nature as a teacher to discover and empower our inner strength to live life more fully. Surfing was one of her keys to happiness. For that, Betty always returns to Klitmøller, Denmark to get her injection of the ocean. On her way she experienced how valuable the ocean is – worth protecting as a powerful resource. A beautiful place, where you can feel like you matter…. and overcome everything.

Make your dream come true – no matter how many obstacles there are –that’s what this documentary shares. Against all odds, it shows that we’re more powerful, when we empower each other.

Go for it – cause Betty would definitely go!