We welcome you to the ‘Calavera Bungalow’

We are proud to present this year’s artists who will perform at the festival 😃

Imagine pulling back the curtains at the travelling carnival. Imagine skewed grades in a theatrical universe all weaving around dancing to the sound of angry surf guitars, plastic organs, gypsy violins and a fierce voice. Now that right there, is the sound of Pacific Swell. With their newest album on the way, which takes place at the fictional hotel, ‘Calavera Bungalow’, Pacific Swell slaps you right back to the 70’s, making you run back home and pulling that old brown corduroy jacket out from the back of the closet. Their energetic live performance is sure to make you tap your foot, twist a hip or simply let it all rip!

Pacific Swell will play at Kassehuset on the 27th of August at 10pm

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