Full Film Line-up of 2021 is here!!

The wait is over! We are happy to present the full festival line up of 2021 and it’s identical to the line-up of 2020, but with one significant little detail, this year we get to show all the film on sight in Klitmøller!

If you are a little film buff go check out the films here and make a list of what films you just HAVE to watch.

List of titles

  • “A CORNER OF THE EARTH” (Australia)- director: Spencer Frost
  • “EBB & FLOW” (Ireland)- director: Alice Ward
  • “TRANSCENDING WAVES” ( Argentina)- directors: Julian Azulay, Joaquin Azulay, Fernando Salem
  • “FLUX” (UK)- director: Lewis Arnold
  • “MAYBE ONE DAY” (Denmark)- director: Angelina Owino
  • “UNNUR” (USA)- director: Chris Burkard“STREET SURFERS”(South Africa))- director: Arthur Neumeier
  • “THE ENDLESS WAVE” (USA)- director: Tom Attwater
  • “SURFERS OF JÆREN- THE PIONEERS” (Norway)- director: Martin Salem
  • “BACK TO THE ROOTS” (Italy)- director: Alessandro Piu
  • “TRANSITION V2” (Canada)- director: Nate Laverty
  • “UNSURFED AFGANISTAN” ( Germany)- director: Nico Walz
  • “CLASH OF CLIMATES” (Germany)- directors: Johannes Müller, Philipp Becker
  • “RANDOM THOUGHTS- THE MINDSET BEHIND SURFING” (Denmark)- director: Ragnar Roostalu
  • “BETTY WOULD GO- RIDE WAVES- SURF LIFE- SAVE THE OCEAN” (Germany)- director: Andrea Hausstätter
  • “HOMEMADE” (France)- director: Zulma Rouge
  • “CHASING MY FRIEND, MR CORMORANT” (USA)- director: Freddy Moyano
  • STREET SURFERS (South Africa) – Arthur Neumeier

The movie screenings will take place during the 3 days of the festival, supported of course by other event activities. You can buy your ticket(s) here

Photo: FLUX